Really who actually gives a shit about anything these days? I wanted to talk about what you should care about in 2018 and why:



In this day and age we are glued to social sites and magazine and are concious of what people think of us. Whether its celebs or people in your friendship circle I can’t help but feel like women compare themselves to each other, if its careers, money, clothes, weight, cars, weddings, home and basically everything else in your lives well how about you try something new. I was always n denial that i compared myself to others but I couldn’t help but feel competitive in everything i did. I think it is something that was instilled in me when I was young but I had the be the best and in 2018 I have decided that you know what its ok to not always be top. I don’t mean give up on everything by no means but just stop beating yourself up if you don’t have that news top before your mate or the top class car in your crew, be positive and thankful for all the things you have in your life because Jesus Christ there are those who have it wayyyyyy worse than you!


So you have 10k followers and 300 likes per picture but if you’re obsessed with hitting the number and are desperate for followers are you real and are you happy? I started up my blog because I wanted to chat shit on the internet, I like sharing my life and reaching new people who have the same interests as me (hence my hashtagging) I don’t do this for money it genuinely is a hobby and if you are checking the numbers for every post on instagram you need to not give a shit!


Obviously, they are rubbish if you’re single and sometimes not much better in a relationship but this isn’t about them its about you. I hate how women these days rely on men for happiness when really you need to be truly happy in yourself to create a successful balanced relationship.


I mean I could go on and on and on but I guess the running theme here is that everyone should really look inside themselves this year and become comfortable in your own skin, lets support each other GIRL POWER and own ourselves for who we are. I guess last year was so shitty I just want you all to be happy and confident because life is too short.

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