When life gives you lemons


That age old saying….you think I would say make lemonade but after visiting the sun-drenched hills of Sorrento you’d be sadly sadly mistaken. When life gives you lemons, make f*cking epic limoncello. The below recipe was spoken to me when I visited a beautiful farm named La Masseria (a beautiful write up can be found here) and after sampling all their delicious fruit fresh with sugar and sitting down to a deliciously home cooked by Mama Italian feast we washed down the richness with a sip of Limoncello. Eugenio briefly when over the

  • 9/10 lemons 
  • 1 litre alcohol 
  • 1 litre water 
  • 2 lbs of sugar 

  • Combine the alcohol and the rind of all lemons ensuring there is no pith
  • Leave to sit for two days to ensure the alcohol takes on the lemony goodness of the rind.
  • Make a syrup of water and sugar
  • Let this syrup chill for a day in the fridge
  • Add the lemony alcohol and rind to the syrup
  • Let this combined mixture stew nicely for a day
  • Strain away the rind using a muslin cloth
  • Freeze your delicious limoncello for a final day
  • Serve fresh from the freezer/fridge in chilled glasses

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