So we’d been in The Netherlands a while now and I was adamant that this area was famed for its windmills. I had scoured the internet looking at image upon image of rolling fields of flowers offset with windmills. Unfortunately I was well aware we had missed the tulip season and even though I was extremely disappointed there wasn’t much I could do about the seasons and so I wanted the next best thing…a windmill.

I had been looking up the best area for windmills and together me and Joshua found Shanse Zaans a village with an abundance of cute windmills set in a picturesque village. It is a popular place for a day tour but Jesus Christ were we glad we weren’t on one of them and only spent around an hour there. Popular with the far flung tourists this area was haven for the over priced, low on quality  and pay for absolutely everything kind of place. The parking for jut one instance was €10, I know €10! I mean I understand we are tight but that much to look at some buildings, come on. We instead hunted out some free parking, whether it was legal or not we have no idea but we didn’t get a ticket so no harm done. We took to the bikes and headed down the cycle path to circle the thing I was keen to photograph most in The Netherlands.

So to start none of the buildings were open to anyone not on some sort of a tour and the route along the edge of the water was very uninteresting, I wanted to learn more about the working and whether they are still in use? I saw signs to say we could go in and any donations went towards the maintenance however the staff declined our entrance. We took a few snaps then headed back past the overpriced eateries and back to our van ready to continue onto Utrecht. I got my snap and the face was because Joshua makes me laugh… I know I am odd but those windmills were not that funny.

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