No, I am not about to chat about not being a bride because quite frankly I am so not ready for that (sorry Joshua, I love you) this post is about that moment of dread you get after opening the invitation. The elation of being invited is quickly crushed by the thoughts of “oh sh*t what am I going to wear!”

I thought I would share with you all a super cute outfit put together to hopefully inspire because…well I like it and the pictures look pretty. You don’t need to spend a fortune either to look a 10, it’s just about how you pair your accessories to the the style. If anything my best advice would be to get on Pinterest, I pretty much do this for everything anyway but if you start with your rough ideas whether its a colour, dress length or hair accessories I can guarantee there will be some amazing posts. If you are ever interested in my Pinterest then follow me. Anyway back to this fab wedding guest outfit and where I picked up some cheap and expensive treats…

First of all I feel like it’s all about the colour when going to a wedding, I am sure it’s a sin to wear black or white so on these rare occasions I pull myself out of the goth section and pretty much submerge myself in pastels. Here though I hero’d one of my favourite colours which is a bright turquoise, this and a tan (definitely out of a bottle this time of year) are jut perfect for me and I feel this colour compliments blonde hair. My dress is from a few seasons ago but I am such a hoarder I packed that baby away after the last time I wore it because it’s too stunning to give away or sell. As the dress has this amazing nude sheer panel I teamed it with my classic leather court shoes which I must say are a necessity in any girls wardrobe. I trawled the internet and highstreet to find the perfect pair that matched my skin tone (I have a sort of yellowy undertone so the usual pink nude really clashes) and found these on sale! I adore Whistles clutch bags and this small number matched perfectly with the dress, even if it didn’t I am all about tonal hues or contrasting colour pops. A wedding calls for a hat or fascinator but I will be honest and say my head is a pea so neither of these suit me and still wanted something to take the outfit from ‘nice’ to wedding and so felt inspired by the new trend of headbands. They might be seen as childish but a stunning gold metal headband studded with flowers was the perfect finish to the look along with a messy low bun.


Dress: Three Floor 

Shoes: Office

Bag: Whistles

Headband: Claire’s Accessories 

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