I’ve been with my fella for nearly 10 years. He is genuinely my rock but we can’t help but feel like Valentines day is for those who don’t feel fully secure in their relationship, if you truly love someone why is this day celebrated once a year? I have to be honest and say we don’t do flowers, chocolates, teddys or even cards because I would genuinely rather have a takeaway and cuddle on the sofa than feel as though I need to share how my ‘boy did good’ by taking me out for a stiff meal that’s massively overpriced and to be quite honest meant I couldn’t get in my pjs at 6pm! I do however think its important to make sure you share how you feel on a daily basis. I am lucky to live with boyfriend and we are very open. I’m by no means saying we’re perfect but what I’m getting at is that you should express how you feel ever single day not just because some commercial giant tells you to. It doesn’t need to be big, a note left on the side, a lift home from work or making a cup of tea without being asked to. Appreciate the small things because those are the ones that you’d miss if they weren’t there.

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