So some of you may or may not know but I have recently turned the big 2 6. By no means am I saying I am a crinkly but you know, it got me thinking about life, what I should have achieved, what I haven’t and what difference does it actually make…

I recently came across this article from Sheer Luxe – <a href=”https://sheerluxe.com/2018/02/07/30-things-do-you’re-30″>30 things to do before you’re 30</a> I may not be that close to 30 but I do now officially fall into the ‘late 20s’ category and it got me thinking about what I thought I would have achieved at this age when I was younger and now what society thinks I should be achieving because they are wayyyyyyy different now!

I remember being about 7 sitting in my best friends room discussing how we would have husbands and a house and a volkswagen beetle just like my barbie dolls, I would draw my wedding dresses and have names picked out for my children and pet dogs (yes multiple, I think it was around 4 dogs and 3 kids! WTF) and now I am sat in my dressing gown contemplating if it’s acceptable to finish that jar of nutella or if my waistline will hate me for it.

Its crazy how fast time flows by because those memories of me an dry best friend feel like yesterday and now I am at that age I am desperate to cling onto fun and adventure before I settle into a mortgage and spend that extortionate amount of money on a wedding which quite frankly I don’t have enough of to afford either. But then I read an article about how you should freeze your eggs at 25 because at 30 you have less chance of a successful pregnancy, I mean what the hell I can’t even look after myself never mind another human but shit should I grow up fast because what if the time comes and I am ready but then I have problems!

To be honest I don’t know any of the answers but for now I am going to eat that f*cking jar of nutella and think about it later…probably when I turn 27!


<em>1. Get a tattoo</em>

Yep nailed that one but these days everyone seems to have them it’s 100% a generation thing and I will be filling you guys in on my new ink very soon!

<em>2. Fall in love</em>

Again I have 100% nailed that one too I am lucky to have such an amazing support and all these crazy thoughts form most of our last thing at night convos when I stare up at the ceiling and blurt out ‘should we have a mortgage or a baby or settle down yet?’

<em>3. Start a pension</em>

I got a kick up the bum from my boss about this and I can’t thank her enough because I needed that! I only have around £100 so far but hey it’s a start and I do feel like an adult now I have that shit sorted.

<em>4. And a savings account</em>

Note to self, speak to my bank about this as I don’t really know which is best but yes I do have one I just need to make sure I get the most bang for my buck!

<em>5. Travel, travel travel</em>

I live to travel so this is a given but for anyone who doesn’t like to go too far afield then any mini adventure is still travel in my eyes even if is a new city! My plans for this year is to go to a festival abroad, possibly revisit Paris and something else but I don’t know what yet.

<em>6. Live in a house share</em>

Been there done that, student accommodation, learning to live with others and realising sometimes you just can’t live with some but it’s all a curve and its a whole new experience which I wouldn’t change for anything.

<em>7. Find a cause you believe in</em>

Following the heartbreak of last year I wanted to show my support to two charities<a href=”https://www.cancerresearchuk.org/support-us/donate#/”> Cancer Research</a> and the <a href=”https://www.hospiceofthegoodshepherd.com/#donations”>Hospice of the Good Shepherd</a>. Put it this way if you didn’t buy me a card please donate just £1 to either of these and I would be eternally grateful.

<em>8. Buy something you’ve always wanted</em>

I can honestly say I haven’t done this, but then there isn’t something that O have always wanted. Hmm I need to work on this one but hey if it doesn’t happen I won’t feel guilty.

<em>9. Learn a new language</em>

I want to learn to French, yep I have 4 years to get that sorted any podcast recommendations welcome.

<em>10. Master a work out</em>

Nope, working out is not for me, I love yoga but I need to make the time for it.

<em>11. Tick something off your ‘bucket list’</em>

I try to tick something off every year so I feel like I have achieved something, most of the time this is a city, country or place.

<em>12. Live in another city</em>

Yes I am currently based in Chester but I grew up around 5 miles away form here, that counts doesn’t it? If not I did live in Preston whilst studying at UCLAN.

<em>13. Conquer a fear</em>

I used to fear heights but now not so much it used to hold me back from doing things but after zip wiring over a river in the Philippines on the ropiest device ever I guess I felt pretty much indestructible.

<em>14. Get a pet</em>

We have a little semi-adopted cat, she is a local stray and we let her come into our home and we feed her and look after her! Her name is Fifi and she is so cute and loving, also in the future we would love to adopt ex-race greyhounds.

<em>15. Be with someone who’s not your type</em>

I don’t know why this is even on the list what a shit thing to even bring up, what is that about! I have been with my boyfriend since I was 17 I don’t even know if I ever had a type in the first place.

<em>16. Take steps towards the career you actually want</em>

I worked so hard to be where I am today and it is the one thing I am most proud of. When I was at school I made the decision of my career path even though it wasn’t the norm compared to my friends, I got left behind to do a year at college and worked 3 jobs when in my placement year at uni.

<em>17. See an idol live</em>

I am lucky to live so close to Liverpool and Manchester where we can see huge artists easily. One band I am desperate to see is Arctic Monkeys, which we are hoping to this summer when they tour again but I know getting ticket will be so hard!

<em>18. Figure out your priorities</em>

I don’t know what this means to me but my priority right now is still that jar of Nutella.

<em>19. Spend quality time with your friends: You’ll see them less and less as you gain other responsibilities and commitments, but make good friends now and they’ll last a lifetime.</em>

So true even recently some friends have become distant but in the same breath some have stuck around for a long time and I am lucky to speak to them nearly everyday even if they live in London or Australia.

<em>20. But make time for family too</em>

Yeah, I can see them when I have finished the jar, jokes. I see them every Wednesday and Sunday, I can’t bear to be away from them, thy are truly my world.

<em>21. Let more things go</em>

I am one to hold a grudge I will admit but I guess this is more about not sweating the small stuff and I need to do more of that!

<em>22. Take risks</em>

I wouldn’t say I am the biggest risk taker but hopefully 2018 will raise opportunities I make and after last year I know to take life and do what you want without regret.

<em>23. Pay off your credit card debt</em>

I don’t have a credit card! I probably should get one thought, not to go wild and spend but to help my credit score for applying for a mortgage. I do however have the dreaded student loan!

<em>24. Learn how to cook</em>

I am rubbish at cooking, I don’t think I will ever be good, my one dish that my boyfriend is genuinely sick of is my halloumi bake! One day I will share the recipe.

<em>25. Become an expert in something</em>

Apart from cats I can’t say I am exactly an expert in anything because to me an expert is such a strong word. I have studied long and hard to become well knowledge in the marketing, media and advertising industry but this area is so fast paced and innovation is key to success so who knows maybe I can be an expert in innovation.

<em>26. Start looking after your skin</em>

I always try this, legit every single year but come June time I reach for the face wipes every night and yes I now thats terrible. I now have a snazzy clinique face brush which I use with a charcoal wash which changed up my routine and I can see great improvements.

<em>27. Discover your passions</em>

Don’t let work become your life – I hear you sisters! I adore yoga but never find the time, I love blogging too so getting ti grips with one of the two is half the battle.

<em>28. Learn how to apologise</em>

I am terrible when I am in a grump so I might well need to get to grips with this and grow out of the ‘I know everything’phase.

<em>29. Build a ‘personal brand’</em>

Ok I feel like I have got this one down, I never thought in my teens I would have the confidence I have now I was shy, manipulated and put down but all my life experiences helped to build me up, learn to fight back and own my shit because no one else will do it for you.

<em>30. Give yourself some credit</em>

Chances are – even if you’re not where you want to be yet – you’ve come a long way since your teen years. I couldn’t agree more….



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