Travel necessities


Travelling – the term I would say is vastly different to a holiday. Long periods away from your home comforts means your packing needs to be on point or you’ll be trawling the shelves of a local supermarket in search of items you can only get on UK soil, which FYI is never fun. If you’re planning an adventure of a lifetime or another escape from the norm then organisation is key here. For me there are some necessities I find I always reach for and which ultimately help me to get the best out of any destination:


Yes we are girls and unlike the male species there are certain things we need in order to feel our best don’t you agree? 

The shelves of beauty shops are lined with fancy creams, serums and oils but I inevitably reach for the Nivea Cream. Cheap as chips and so multi functional it’s unbelievable. For instance, not only is a great everyday moisturiser but you can lay it on thick for a deep hydration mask or even whack it in the fridge to be used as a super cooling aftersun.

You’ll more than likely be scrimping on your spends if your trip is a long one so for me I couldn’t have done it without my This Works deep sleep pillow spray. Musky hostel beds may not be high on your thoughts when your planning but trust me some of those whiffs are enough to put anyone off their sleep. Another added bonus is it can freshen up your clothes too!

An additional note for hostels is the showering situ. I really do hope I am not putting you off but sometimes they are less than desirable so I transport myself to an oasis of luxury with my Rituals The Ritual of Sakura Foaming Shower Gel. It is divine…trust me.


You’ll want to look your best when snapping your envy inducing instagram shots so remember to be prepared. Packing light doesn’t mean you need to look any less stylish mind you. 

Running trainers are a must have because comfort is key whether you are hiking up mountains, shopping til you drop or walking your third kilometre trying to find your bed for the night. Keep them stylish and ensure they tie in with your capsule travel wardrobe. For me black is best, it hides so many sins because after a couple of weeks in Africa those canvas white converse will be a grim shade of dusty brown and there ain’t no chance of cleaning them up in a sink with your shower gel. 

You wouldn’t think it but it does rain abroad and after my recent travels to Africa during the rainy season you’d be surprised at how much it bloody can rain. A flimsy pack a Mac won’t protect you much from a torrential downpour so grab yourself a decent one and there are some amazing styles out there and I have my eye on a Napapijri pull over next. 

If there is one thing I couldn’t live without when I travelled Europe in a camper it was my vintage Levi denim cut offs. They just never date do they? I must have had them for about 7 years and quite clearly vintage is good quality. Whether you want to throw them on to hop down to the beach, travel for 10 hours on a bus/train or glam them up with a nice top for an evening out they are so versatile. 

My last one isn’t even a thing but honestly accessories transform any look, day to night a pair of statement earrings, belt, bag or sunglasses take up little to no room in your backpack but make the world of difference to your looks.


A tough one because everyone is so different when it comes to their desired experiences when travelling so I thought I would suggest some bits that helped me get the most out of each day on the road.

Culture trip is a website and app where local people post articles about places. Whether it is what to experience in a day or where to eat there is an abundance of write ups you can take inspiration from. 

If you plan on going outside of the EU but also feel like you’ve lost a limb without constant internet access like me then a Flexi-roam SIM is your saving grace. There are other versions online but I snapped up this one from amazon and it helped me no end when in Africa, not just for updating my instagram but letting my family know I was alive and well. Plus one other fancy aspect is that it’s technically a sticker for your SIM so no need to fret about losing your home one, you can switch easy on the app from your home version to your worldwide one. 

Not into lugging around a big fancy SLR well a lot of the time there is no need to when our phones have such epic cameras. I take so many pictures on my phone, we’re talking hundreds a week(or even a day) especially whilst on the road because you never want to miss a moment. Your phone only has so much storage and as well as backing up onto the iCloud I like to free up space for even more sunny snaps of that gorgeous beach I’m lazing on. I use the google photos app which after uploading and deleting from my phone itself lets me access all my images through the app and stores them on my google account. 

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