I had little knowledge of this place and to be honest I had never even considered it to be a stop on this adventure but Joshua told me he wanted to go I was like hey why not lets see what this place has to offer. My perception of Italy was from my time spent in Rome a few years back but now I wanted to see more than what the itinerary my mum had put together, I was a coffee drinker now to say the least and where could be better to get coffee than Italy right!

Our campsite was on the outskirts of the city so we jumped on the tram station just outside to travel into the heart of the place. The main square was a sun drenched brick oven basically and we stuck to the shaded edges, the architecture was lovely ad we enjoyed seeing the difference between Italian style and the French we’d just come from. I suppose I expected it to be alit busy seeing as it was a major city but the place was legit like a ghost town. There were hardly any shops open or cafes or restaurants we were stumped! I know its not Italian but Turin is apparently famed for its incredible Egyptian history museum so I of course dragged Joshua along to ti! It was a good few hours out of our day but so worth it as deep down I am a complete ancient Egyptian nerd and loved every second! It was dark by the time we stepped out and continued looking around the city, we wandered the famous Garibaldi street which was near empty. We began to worry about our next source of food. I was getting a tad mad I just couldn’t understand it why was everything shut, it wasn’t even a Sunday! My questions were answered when I turned to google because the time we had arrived was close to the national holiday in Italy. Basically it meant that the two weeks either side of this holiday is where the vast majority of small Italian businesses aka our favourite places to eat, drink or shop closed up so the owners and workers could go back to their families who lives in the countryside or coast. We eventually settled on a little pizza place called which I wouldn’t recommend it was such a shame that it was our first experience in Italy we look back and laugh now though so its all good!

The next day we were due to leave at midday but before that Joshua was desperate to see the old fiat factory. Converted now into a shopping centre it housed a museum where you could explore the roof terrace famed from the iconic movie the Italian job. I was a bit taken aback because I didn’t expect to have to pay to go on the roof but the artworks housed there were amazing even included original Picassos so I was happy and after having a photoshoot with Joshua (how the tables have turned I know) we cycled back to the van between the masses of fiats which were driven by the locals because well it makes sense doesn’t it.


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