The halfway point


4 weeks down and 4 more to go. You’d think I’d be sick of it by now, but in all honesty, I don’t want it to come to an end. I’ve lost 2 pounds, inches from my waist and added extra inches on my hips (oh yeah dat ass!) As I’ve mentioned in my previous posts, my general mental health as well as physical has seen massive progression, and despite a few naughty days drinking (sorry Liam) I’ve remained strict with my diet and fitness. I’m even upping my commitment to the gym with a minimum of four sessions a week!

During the past 4 weeks I‘ve learnt more about myself than ever before; understanding my body and what it requires by stifling any previous misconceptions about what dieting really looks like. I’ve found heaps of support in our Facebook group, with a constant flow of ideas for meals, motivational messages and general support for anyone who’s a bit unsure about anything.

I used to always starve myself before the gym and now I’m more than happy to wolf down some oats to ensure I can work harder at the classes before filling up on protein afterwards. It’s a million miles away from my old self, nearly passing out in the gym then binging on terrible food because I was so hungry. With guidance from my PT pals, I’m now nailing my macros on the daily. I know more about what makes up food in general, whether it’s carbs, fat or protein, it’s all about a balance and I find planning in advance way better. As Liam puts it, “be prepared to live out of Tupperware,” and do you know what? Not only does that mean I hit my targets, but it also saves me a heap of cash not nipping to M&S on my lunch.


Fitting fitness into your lifestyle seems like a daunting thought, I know this because I was the same – I don’t want to get up early and get all sweaty before work. Neither do I want to work out after a full day in the office. I promise it does get easier. You gradually find what’s right for you. Not everyone likes getting up at the crack of dawn to fit in a gym session. I much prefer an extra lie in knowing I can workout after I’ve finished in the office, and to be honest it’s a great stress reliever, especially when they include the punch bags. I definitely picture specific faces and don’t you tell you don’t! This isn’t to say that they only do evening classes…no no no! Warrior offer 06:30. 09:30, 17:45 and even 18:45 time slots so you can play around and find when suits.


I’ll admit this is the hardest aspect of the 8 week challenge. As I’ve said in my previous intro post, I never even knew what a bloomin’ macro was but with the help of the ‘my fitness pal app’ I’ve learnt loads about balancing foods and what’s really in them. It’s not easy thinking about macros and your calorie intake when you first start off. The first two weeks were trial and error but I’ve found the second half to be much easier, and I’ve been more experimental with what I eat. I still struggle to hit my calorie intake but I’m a work in progress – these things will fall into place.


So I’m halfway through and can honestly say it’s flying by. With 4 weeks left, my determination to succeed in overhauling my body is getting pretty intense. If I have a deadline in sight I’m one of those people who will smash it, and fingers crossed it’s paying off. Yes, my arm muscles are still puny but I’m reaching for heavier weights, improving my deadlift technique, jumping higher on the boxes and flipping tyres like an absolute boss. I’ll continue to hit the gym hoping to still go around 4 times a week, but I won’t be beating myself up if I miss a session here or there when it’s over because life is a balance. I’m committing 8 weeks to this to kickstart my body into new habits, see drastic results and then follow it up by maintaining these standards to remain strong and healthy.

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