I have been pretty quiet on the old blogging front, pretty much all of my free time has been spent painting, varnishing, drilling and holding screws. I, by no means, built this beast but I would like to say I had a hand in making it a home and effectively directing the aesthetics of the end vision! I would firstly like to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped in the building, sourcing, advice and implementation of the hard work, without which, we wouldn’t be able to go on this amazing journey.

I wont go into all the nitty gritty details on this post but be assured if you are thinking of ever doing this then do it! All the tantrums, tears and sweat is so worth it and I will definitely be posting more detailed info on specifics of the conversion itself to hopefully help anyone in the future, just like all those youtube videos and blog posts helped us!

It all started with a 2014 Vauxhall Movano L2 H2 which is a perfect size for us, not too long or short and hasn’t so far hindered us with height restrictions. Our shell needed a lot of cleaning up but that was just the beginning of this amazing adventure. We has a set date in mind for finishing however with us both working full time and attempting to lead a normal social life this quickly grew closer and in the blink of an eye flew past. Things which we thought would take no time at all took so much longer as it wasn’t a straight forward conversion and there were so many things to be considered. As we were planning on going for six months we also needed to organise the packing up of our house we were renting which took probably the longest in regards to packing up, emptying and cleaning but it was a necessary evil as now we have no commitments to bills etc. Not only this, but I was hit completely out of the blue with more terrible news which very nearly took away the idea of leaving but we had come so far and committed so much that I needed to do this and be free.

So currently we have spent a whopping three nights in the van, taken one extremely cold shower each, had minimal hiccups and made approximately 10 cups of tea…. because we need our home comforts. I honestly couldn’t be happier with how things are going so be prepared for lots more content but don’t worry I will be 100% honest.


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