Spring showcase


The décor of Chester’s Olive Tree Brasserie never fails to impress. The twinkling lights outside reflect off it’s windows where a huge tree decorates the interior of this Greek inspired eatery.

As we entered, we were greeted warmly by staff who led upstairs where, with a select few others, we waited in anticipation for the spring menu showcase. We chatted and sipped gin and tonics before being guided to our tables where an abundance of dishes were laid out across the room. The staff were fantastic and, as our drinks were topped up, we were introduced to Jordan the Head Chef here at Chester.

He explained how the changes in season call for lighter dishes on the menu and I could not agree more. Who wants to eat a heavy stew when it’s glorious sunshine outside? Also, following the increase in popularity of veganism and vegetarianism there is now more choice than ever. Where possible he was keen to use ingredients that offered quality alternatives to meat and dairy, explaining his dedication to getting an infamous melted ‘non-cheese’ cheese topping for the new vegan pizza. As he chatted away, the waiting staff circled the room with samples of these newly designed dished. We nibbled our way through all sorts ranging from pork and apple kebabs to halloumi fries to squidgy chocolate brownies and portokalopita (an orange filo pastry cake) all of which of course inspired by a modern take on Greek cuisine. My personal highlight was the introduction of more rice dishes including a feta and spinach risotto, so scrummy. My only super small disappointment was that there weren’t any of their gluten free dough balls on offer. Who doesn’t need doughy goodness in their life, be assured I will be back to get my hands on them! The new menu is a breath of fresh air as the season shifts to a warmer climate where, if you won’t be on abroad, this restaurant definitely transport your taste buds to a distant Greek island. If you ever fancy a trip to the Olive Tree, be sure to ask for Jordan’s recommendations as he has told me he will always be on hand if anyone ever had any questions. It is clear to see the pride he gets from this fulfilling career and I for one can’t wait to get stuck in and sample more Greek goodies on offer.

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