Sourcing inspiration


You know it yourself when you have a vision of how your home will look down to the details. Sourcing those finishing touches more often than not bring the most joy. Digging out the little trinkets and objects that reflect who you are and radiating that out to those who visit. A slither of you separate from the bulky and necessary paint and furniture. The objects you curate and present, perfectly polished and placed on shelves, windowsills, tables and mantlepieces evoking memories and nostalgia/ 

If you’re like me, it’s been a long time coming before you can even dream of such fantasies. I used to be a meticulous planner. I could wander through HomeSense and pick out my vases before my paint colour and more often than not felt a little disheartened when the end result didn’t live up to the vision.  

Instead, now I have taken my time and let the room play out. Spending weeks at a time looking into how the light fell at different times of the day (lockdown has made me do a lot weird stuff I am well aware). I had said vision but as time went on my views became distorted as I realised some elements just wouldn’t look as imagined. That wicker table would stand out too much against the sofa or various woods jarring from the shelves, tables and floors. In the past purchasing on impulse led to regret and despite the impact being at a minimal cost as I try to be as savvy as possible I have chosen now to savour every object, devour the style and envelope each corner of the room with the essence of my personality. 

By taking my time I have opened myself up to avenues that reach further than my local HomeSense for these finishing touches. Corners of the internet brimming with independent businesses, markets, flea markets, car boot sales, the possibilities of finding something unique and one-off are endless. I have recently fallen in love with trawling the likes of eBay and Facebook Marketplace, looking for nothing at all but falling endlessly through the listings and flicking through the masses to find a hidden gem.

As our journey continues I plan on sharing the little finds here and there which I love, if you fancy more of a poke around our home then have a look here.