The hotel was an absolute dream I stayed in the hotel Catalonia Gran Via, not only did it feel super luxurious I loved the huggggeeee shower. I almost felt like I was cheated on the van and that I shouldn’t be enjoying this but well I did! I settled into the room unpacking my chosen few items and whacking the air con to super cool whilst Joshua parked up the van for the night. We got ourselves glammed up like you would a normal holiday and headed to a local restaurant for some tapas. We dined in Mas Al Sur and it was so amazing the sangria hit the sweet spot after our long drive and the paella was probably the best I had tasted. It was just like being on holiday rather than traveling. That night we cuddled and at 6am joshes alarm went off and he took his bag and shut the door behind him. Just like that I was all on my own in Spanish capital. I was a bit nervous and I felt like it was the moment your parents leave you for the first time at uni and you are on the end of the bed thinking oh my god I am actually on my own what do I do now!  I wanted to make the most of it so no time for nerves and anyway how lucky was I staying in a fabulous hotel and there was a whole city on my doorstep. I missed Joshua the moment he left anxious of his journey on his own after all Lisbon was so far away. I made a move from the room early keen to make use of the rooftop pool. I sunned myself for 8 hours straight which is so not like me. I revelled in the free wifi scouring the internet watching hours of memes and cat videos as you do and downloading podcasts for the road. Tearing myself from the divinely chilled plunge pool my stomach banged with hunger, what do you do when you’re on your own I don’t think I had ever eaten on my own and I was too nervous to dine alone that night. I thought I could have a little walk stretch my legs and explore a bit and pick up some food. After researching I decided on a cheeky Mexican. As my tummy rumbled on I stepped out into the late afternoon heat to pick up a feast. The place as called munchies and even though the name doesn’t sound great the food was fabulous! I headed in and got talking to the owner she was so lovely and I even got to sample some the upcoming menu to give my opinion which was a nice free bonus – chunky kid problems. After she’d cooked up a storm for my tea and popped it in bag I wandered home feeling so much like a local with a big grin on my face. I lay out the spread on my bed and fired up my laptop it was like being at home I binge watched The Handmaids Tale series two for hours on end until I fell asleep surrounded by nachos and empty packaging – the wild life I lead.



Day two of solo Madrid and I was constantly checking in on Joshua making sure he was ok. I was a bit lonely waking up alone but I was ready to get out and explore on my own. I caught some morning rays on the roof whilst face-timing my parents in Greece and got my day plan in motion. The routes, the sights to see. I might have been on my own but it felt like a sin to stay cooped up in the hotel which could have been anywhere when I was in fact in the Spanish capital. I didn’t want to see the big places alone as I wanted to share those with Joshua so I chose to do the things he wouldn’t be keen on doing anyway and that weren’t he usual highlights. I made my first stop the cat cafe, we’d walked past it together only a couple of nights ago and it was so close to the hotel I thought why not. For on €4 I got a drink and whiled away an hour cuddling the cutest cats bringing back memories of home and making me miss my babies. The next stop was shopping of course. There is a super cool street lined with vintage treasures. The famous shop is Magpie, I didn’t expect to buy anything I just enjoy flicking through the rails of different eras and seeing styes of clothes you don’t get on the high street. I came across a super bright floral dress and fell in love I felt like a Spanish seniorita and after looking at the price tag €5 I was sold! Starting to feel a bit peckish I walked the surrounding streets of the cool neighbourhood  I came across a Lolo polo. A little caffe filled with ice lollies all made from fresh raw ingredients it was like a smoothie or juice but frozen, perfect for the rising temperatures. I indulged in a strawberry, mint and lime lolly, super tasty and suer healthy double win. Clutching my new buy and sweet treat I walked towards the centre and came across a Primark so thought I was pop in. Bloody hell it was huge! I thought the Liverpool shop was big but this was another level. It was like a shopping centre. Checking my watch it was nearly time for the England game. Yes I don’t know who I am anymore either. I chilled on the bed whilst getting ready to go out, watching the game and after that was over I snuck in a cheeky episode of the handmaids tale. After a successful day exploring I was raring to get back out. After spotting a market on my earlier adventure I thought it would be a nice spot to dine out and after pulling up a stool at a Japanese stall I was looking forward to mountains of sushi. After filling my boots with an amazing platter I decided to walk down to the main street. I had seen on my google maps that it was being used for pride and earlier I had seen people with face paint and what not. Looking up online it was the parade that night so i walked down and saw the huge floats go by with amazing nineties hits blasting out. Everyone was super happy and drinking along the parade edge they were clearly ready for a big night but I was keen to get an early night as I knew Joshua would be back in the early hours. I knew the sooner I went to sleep the sooner I would see him. At 8am I heard a knock at the door. There he was my little tired teddy and it was like he’d never left.

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