Seasonal slump?


As we transition into our winter months of longer nights and shorter days, crisp morning air, de-icing cars as dawn breaks and clothing layered upon layers. I am already yearning for summer. I feel cheated! Like it went in a blink of an eye. I look back nostalgically and remember long lazy days in warm weather but this year where did it go? Maybe it’s the lack of holidaying abroad that’s done this to me, my summer not split or hinged on an event, the meticulous  planning; where to eat, drink, what to pack, what cocktails to sip on the sand and whether that waistband will stretch enough. I crave the sun on my skin, the prickle of sweat and think maybe I am not even cut out for this country and should upsticks and move closer to the equator. Really though, I feel it impacts my approach to life. 

Summer feels vivacious, the possibilities endless powered by long balmy evenings and woken early with light filtering through windows. To me, winter seems an endless cold night, restricted behind the glass watching my garden die back and rain patter down the pane. 

For me, my creativity is so closely pinned to my surroundings. As now these season shifts I feel I am in a slump, something I seriously need to overcome! It’s like I become a prisoner in my own home, like the darkness sucks my energy and locks me to my radiators unwilling to leave the cocoon I create. My mental drive subsides from a  bright vibrancy to a dull cloud. Everything, literally everything, feels like a chore and that whatever I might want to do can wait until I feel the motivation. 

Eurgh winter sucks, when will it be summer again?