If you ever visit this place then you HAVE to sample the amazing coffee on offer at Men Met Bril Koffie, we indulged in breakfast here to ready for a busy few days in this city. If you ever have the opportunity I would recommend going, a cool hub where creatives collect and graphics line the walls, not only this but they roast their own coffee here too.


We headed over to the nearby Luchtsingel Yellow Bridges for a few snaps but were a tad disappointed when they looked nothing like the pictures I had seen online. They were in need of a good lick of paint! Regardless of that it was nice too see something that cost us nothing and we got some nice snaps out of it as well as looking up some info. We wondered why most of the panels were named and turns out it was all crowd funded by around 8000 companies, universities  and individuals. The next stop was to take a spin around the old town.


Following our little adventure down to the picturesque canals and bridges. (I am so glad you cant physically see wind on a picture because it was honestly blowing a bloody gale) we headed over to the famous cube houses built in the 1970s to help combat the dense population in the city whilst also creating outdoor space. The architecture looked very bizarre and I was tempted to see what the inside looked like but I expected and underwhelming view of odd angles but a relatively normal home, plus anyway you can see it online here (insert link). Looking up at the cloudy sky the heavens opened, not what we wanted on our travels but you cant control everything. We took shelter in the Markethal. I don’t think there is any other place that makes me as happy as being surrounded by different foods at a market, it is a sad fact but very true! We weren’t quite hungry enough yet but my inner chubby girl still looked and helped herself to some free samples before already deciding on what would be for tea later.


Once the rain had stopped we decided to cycle over to the Felix food factory via the famous Erasmusburg, let me tell you that thing is hard to get over on a bike! I stopped twice and of course pretended to take a photo because all the people in Rotterdam are clearly much better at riding a bike than me and did it with ease. After nearly being blown off the edge a few times we made it to the Felix Food Factory which is a more indie vibe with only a few select but still as delicious food options. I really had to hold myself back…especially from the Moroccan counter! I wanted to go as I had read up about a cider bar, beer is totally not my thing so this was such a refreshing change from all the Belgian beer (still delicious just not quite as sweet). I also think smaller options should definitely be a thing in the UK, I don’t want a whole bottle or pint…in The Netherlands you can have 15cl, 25cl, 50cl which made our experience of sampling different ciders much less drunken but still as tasty. Fun fact I had a Rosé cider from France which gets it colour from the red apple flesh. One, I had no idea Rosé cider was a thing but it is now my favourite and Two, who knew you could get red insides of apples…mind blown.


Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

A bit merry and now utterly famished we headed back to the Markethal ready to dive headfirst into what I can only describe as utter heaven!



Day Two and we wanted to get back on the road so a quick stop at the Coffee Shop Daily set us up for the day and meant we could properly plan our next adventures cheekily stealing their wifi. We had planned on visiting the pinball museum for a couple of hours but it was closed (god damn it!) so our time even though was cut short meant we had a full afternoon in another dam.


Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

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