Last year I realised life is too short.

It is so cruel and full of pain but in those moment you realise that you need/must to live each day to it’s absolute fullest. I got sucked into dark hole at the beginning of this year and it took me a long time to get out of my funk. In all that I was surrounded by love and support and together me and Joshua made a big decision to go on our most exciting adventure yet! Travelling in a custom built campervan all across Europe and further if we can.

I say we, but it’s been hugely Joshua and his family who have been converting our commercial van into our dream home on wheels. With lots of Pinterest boards, research and planning our dream is becoming a reality. We argue over paint and flooring, showers and swivel chairs but it is getting there and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Our notices at work have been given and our mind is made up. Its not to everyones taste or happiness but I know there are things we want to do before we settle down. Before marriage a mortgage or wait for it…… children, weened to grow together, learn, live and experience what the world has to offer so we can say we had no regrets.

So I guess here goes, be ready for van spam and lots more travel posts because we are nearly ready to roadtrip, explore new and exciting places and create memories to last a lifetime.


He is so handy!
Our little mascot Rosie.
Ceiling going in
Little hidden messages.
Getting stuck in.

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