It was pitch black and with only the headlights illuminating the road we saw wild boar skit across the dirt track. Hairpin bends wound us higher and higher up a mountain before peaking over the top we pulled up for the night. I was a tad disappointed how Portofino hadn’t lived up to my picture perfect expectations so had little hopes for Riomaggio. As the sun rose in the early morning our surroundings became clearer. The twisting road below us led to a little town. The sunrise was beautiful through the trees and excited we walked down to get a closer look. It wasn’t even 9am so clearly the tourists hadn’t risen as it was a ghost town peppered with only the shopkeepers and cafe workers. We stumbled down the cobbled streets which ran through the town until we reached a picturesque harbour. It was truly the images I had seen online especially seeing it now in morning light minus tourists but busy with fishermen. We stopped off for a coffee and before long it was hive of activity. We had seen this little quaint town for its true beauty before the day had begun. We climbed the steep road back up and before we knew it we were onto our next destination.


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