positano picture perfect


Positano. If you plan on going in any sort of self drive vehicle…don’t bother. It is an absolute bloody nightmare to park. This stunning location on the Amalfi coast hangs on a cliffside and it is beautiful. I already want to go back however this leaves little space between hotels, bars and local homes for anyone to park. There are car parks but be prepared to shell out a small fortune to sandwich in. Our van on top of that is far far too large for 90% of these. One level fellow even suggested we pay him €50 for a day…erm no thank you! As we had arrived super early, were talking like 7:30am here, we found some on street parking, if this hadn’t have been the case we genuinely wouldn’t have been able to experience this amazing town. We chose a good few hours and with our beach gear in tow we took to the windy pedestrian alleys which snaked around houses and hotels alike before we ended up on the waterfront below. We chose not to go for the main beach as we knew it would be a tourist hotspot and instead lay cliffside on the beautiful sands of Fornillo beach. Surrounded by local sun worshippers we enjoyed a much more tranquil and natural setting. After our skin felt suitably sun kissed we trudged back up the steps and towards food. We passed glamorous restaurants with views as far as the eye could see but we were in search of something else..real Italian cuisine. Instead we opted for a deli. Perched on the cliffs and roadside with a few tables and chairs outside. The food was so beautiful, real local food. Fresh mozzarella in Caprese salad and lasagne to die for…all served on plastic plates. There was a definite no frills approach just oder at the counter and wait for your dish at Latteria. After our parking was up we took a beautiful drive high up on the hills and carried on along the Amalfi coast. The roads are tight so Josh did take a bit of our trim off but who could blame him for being distracted for a second when the views were the most beautiful we had ever seen! We had planned on staying around Amalfi but much like Positano the options for parking were limited and we wouldn’t feel comfortable sleeping there. Instead we took a long road trip across Italy and onto our next destination.


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