Perspective is key


In times like these, we put immense pressure on ourselves to maximise this time when in fact self-love is all we need. The stress of not elevating yourself can be consuming and so here is my lighthearted approach to how we view ourselves:

It’s ok to get all glammed up with perfect hair and make up and that immaculate outfit to give you that boost to crack on with the day.

…but also …..

It’s ok to post a picture of that above moment and pretend you’re all glam when in reality you’re still in bed and haven’t even brushed your teeth that morning. (Now you know my secret)

It’s ok to spend a whole day cooking a scrumptious homemade dinner with every last detail from scratch, feel like a stepford wife and think you have earned a gold apron or star baker prize. 

…but also…..

It’s ok to whip that micro meal out and grab a frozen desert from Aldi (tastes the same anyway right?!) 

It’s ok to buy houseplants and feel like mother earth whilst your plant babies grow and flourish this filling your abode with the freshest oxygen and beautiful tranquility.

…but also…

It’s ok to have thought you’d do the above when in fact you’ve managed to kill all the plants within an hour of entering your house. (How is it even possible?!)

It’s ok to read books and get lost in a literary world inspired by love, fantasy, history and classics curled up in your reading nook with piles of your next novels littering the floor. 

…but also…

It’s ok to just skim read until you get to the interesting bits and fake it through your book club (sorry gals)

It’s ok to procrastinate from your day job by spending a minimum of three hours getting a perfect polish on your toes or fingers and feeling like you’ve nailed that spa fresh look.

…but also… 

It’s ok if that instantly chips and you just leave it like that for weeks on end. (noone is even going to notice anyway)

It’s ok to wash your hair and feel like something out of a herbal essence advert. 

…but also…

It’s ok to have so much dry shampoo on your scalp you wonder if your greys really are greys or if it’s just residue.

It’s ok to blitz the house of every dust ball and crumb and be so clean and tidy both Marie Kondo and Mrs Hinch would hire you in a split second.

…but also…

It’s ok to just leave the dust balls for your cat to bat around the living room. (saves you money on buying toys!) 

It’s ok to jump out of bed at 6am and have the most productive day where your butt barely touches the seat for a second and you fly through everything on your to do list. 

…but also…

It’s ok to hit the snooze button of your alarm a minimum of 10 times to treat yourself to a lie in. 

It’s ok to be the girl who always drinks no less than 10 litres of lemon water a day and is blessed with that deliciously glowing clear hydrated skin.

…but also… 

It’s ok if you run solely on coffee and just cover those huge hormonal zits with all the concealer you own. 

It’s ok to enjoy a civilised drink with your girls, colleagues and family. So sophisticated with wine and laughter but in bed before midnight. 

…but also…

It’s ok to rock up home at 4am after a wild night and try and use 10p instead of your house key to get in. (this is a true story)

It’s ok to be the person who at a minimum works out 5 times a week to get those abs of steel everyone envies.

…but also.. 

It’s ok to feel exhausted just thinking about working out!

So there you go, I hope this little slice of comical prowess brought some laughter to your day and I honestly could go on and on but you get the picture!