last visited Murcia with a few of my closest girls we stayed at a friends apartment on a golf resort and I loved my time there even if we didn’t see the sights it showed me that its not where you are its who you are with! I messaged my girls who have places there and asked where to go.

We decided to stay in an area called San Pedro del Pinatar as it had a lovely beach and harbour area and as we’ve discussed previously parking by the sea gives you so much more freedom, parking options and you feel safer with the constant flow of people.

The area itself s quite and filled mostly with locals and British expats. It didn’t have the feel of a normal holiday resort but more laid back and quiet. The beach was quiet and it was no trouble parking up roadside along the promenade just a stones throw from the sand. Joshua snoozed in the shade and me in the sun and we had another relaxing day and after a full day of nothingness (so dreamy!) I found us somewhere for tea and after freshening up we headed down. I can honestly say I have never gone downhill so quickly and within 10 minutes I could barely walk and felt so ill! I tried ordering food but nothing would pass my lips I felt that awful and anyone who knows me knows that I never ever waste food. As I stumbled though our walk home I knew that I had sunstroke (damn sunbathing and relaxing!) I tried with all my might to fight it with water and paracetamol but it was no hope. I spent a good few hours in front of the air con attempting to cool my body before bed but I couldn’t sleep, without going into details Joshua had to grab a bucket for me to puke into at one point. It was definitely made a million times worse being in the van and after a terrible panic attack I threw myself out of the van and onto the promenade at about midnight. I felt so so awful keeping Joshua awake all night and wished for nothing more than to be anywhere but the van. As the sun came up and around 20 minutes sleep between us I felt horrendous still and I am sure Josh felt like crap too. I count function and we were supposed to be moving onto our next stop but that was totally out of the question. Joshua made me a little set up on the beach with some shade not far from the water, with a cool breeze cooling me down. No joke I slept ALL day. It was about 5pm before I felt halfway better, no where near 100% but I knew we had to make tracks so back on the road we went.




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