We rocked up at our France passion site for the night feeling more positive about being in France, sleeping securely and in a better frame of mind. It was only a short stop here but a surprisingly cool place brimming with boutiques, designer brands and independent places. We cycled in and boy was it a way, but worth it for the camping of course. We stopped at the outskirts of the city where at the highest point overlooking the land below was Promenade du Peyrou a small park but it was filled with locals and tourists alike, sheltering in the shade by the thick trees that covered each edge we followed suit and headed towards the building at the end soaking in views as far as the eye could see. Cycling under the Porte du Peyrou was fabulous and much like a mini arch de triomphe! We hooked up the bikes and wondered what the small city had to offer. Turning down just a a couple of side streets we stumbled upon the Cathedral hidden away unlike most of the others we have visited. One thing that caught our eye though (bar the architecture of course) was this BMX which looked like it was half coming out of the wall. We had seen another on our way in too. Anyway we just thought it some weird thing and carried on down the streets passing Montpellier’s fountains and courtyards. I was smitten with the shops and brands and identities of the places we walked by. The wine bars with rickety stools perched on cobbles, the cool menswear shops with perfectly stacked shelves of skate brands. We stopped off for a coffee and relax to soak up the atmosphere and after continued mooching around the shops and admiring the French style which here looked super cool. We wandered through the market and main square and before long were happily indulging in crepes from a highly rated cheap eat which definitely filled a hole. We hopped back on our bikes and back to the van to continue our travels.


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