I haven’t heard much about Marseille nothing good but nothing bad and so we headed down to see what it is all about. There is limited camping options and so pulled up to the closest spot in town ‘MarlyParc’. It was about €12 a night if my memory serves me correctly but wasn’t up to much and was good purely for sleeping no luxury there. The cycle was long and Jesus I didn’t expect the place to be so hilly! It was as hilly as Lisbon and thats saying something! We parked up in the Cours Julien area which was brimming with bohemian style cafes, street art and cute bars. The streets high up on the hill looked right down all the way to the harbour which was amazing to see so we followed the way down and walked between the boats along the harbours edge. The area next to the harbour was filled with more bars so I mean it would be rude not to so we stopped off at one before admiring the castle in the fading sunlight. It was already clear that we loved the Cours Julien area and to be honest there wasn’t much in Marseille so we went back up to have some dinner. There was a small street lined with restaurants which looked amazing so we browsed each place before settling on L’Arome. The food was absolutely stunning and is a must visit and was a true highlight of our time in Marseille.




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