Aix-en-provence is a small town faed for its markets – I mean could it be anymore up my street? We came early morning to explore the offerings of the farmers markets thinking it would be a cute little stop before we made out way onto Verdon where wed be spending the night. Little had I realised just how hard parking would be for a van! After circling the town we came so close to giving up as road works blocked our path everyday we went it seemed. Anyway moving on we got a spot and wandered the streets which were lined each side with tiny stalls selling anything you could imagine. Separated into sections from antiques containing a whole stall dedicated to film cameras to others stocked with sublime French mirrors and furniture to wood crafts including nursery mobiles and even my favourite…vintage clothing.



We wanted to see the other side so walked down to the farmers section and stumbled upon the stunning flower market. Metal bins overflowed with the freshest foliage that glistened with fresh droplets of water in the sun it was perfect. We nabbed a little spot I the courtyard and I caught up with my nan over the phone recalling all the amazing things I so desperately would have bought had I still owed a house and not a van. We sipped our coffees whilst the world buzzed by in our own bubble surrounded by the busy market goers. We were yet to see any signs of fresh veg or food so walked further through the streets following the flow of locals until it opened up into another courtyard. We wound ur way through the freshest produce and picking up some garlic an olives we soaked in our environment. We settled on a few select pieces we wanted to indulge in and testing our lingo ordered some bits and bobs. We hopped back in the van and headed onto our next destination where after collecting the most beautiful dried lavender we sampled our spread.


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