I, hands down, have been converted by how fab LVL lashes actually are. I see all these instagram influencers with perfect lashes and yes I do think nine times out of ten they are false but I am not a huge fan and find them uncomfortable so thought this would be the perfect solution before my trip to the Philippines.

I checked into the Hawarden Beauty Bar and sat back and relaxed. The process itself takes around 30 mins to an hour but as Charlotte is a pro she had me in and out in around 40 minutes. We talked firstly about what to expect because basically or the whole 40 minutes I had my eyes closed in a foreign environment so it was a little unnerving but the girls all put me at ease and the results were worth it!

The lash lift really opened by eyes up and the dark tint was great for all the days snorkelling and exploring as I wasn’t worrying about mascara. I couldn’t recommend it enough and it is something I will definitely get done for future holidays.

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