Lockdown lowdown: Daisy Jones & the six review


Our latest book club read sucked me to an era I never will experience and yet so vividly outlined it, I felt I had lived through it. Written by Taylor Jenkins, I honestly enjoyed this book end to end and it will more than likely remain on my top favourites. The one when people ask for a recommendation it spills out of my mouth without a thought. 

Taking you back to the sexy seventies, this book made me want to rock flares and a scarf as a top, grow my hair to my waist and live the free-spirited life… maybe not with the drug abuse though, I don’t fly with that. It seemed I have lived vicariously as a voyeur to this rock band. Their ups and downs, peaks and troughs, spanning minutes, months and years. Exploring effortlessly a picture of each person, scenario and life paths, the set up of documentary-style writing would make you think it wasn’t descriptive but the talent of Jenkins leaves no important feature untold. However, this being said the clever use of contrasting opinions between band members on the likes of what someone wore or said throws believable jeopardy over the storyline. Who really remembers what it was like when you were that out of it and it was that long ago. The murky miscommunication adds to the realness of this believable fiction to the point you question whether it happened or not?

I don’t want to give away spoilers because, well, I want you to go and read it yourself! If you want something which you’ll dive deep into and devour in just a day or two then slip into this seventies story and trust me you’ll be just like me searching ASOS for their retro-inspired garments, I guarantee it.