Roughly half way between Florence and Rome there lies a natural phenomenon. We thought we would make the most of this ‘un-tourstified’ gem, so made our way there. The destination – Bagni San Filippo. This place looked unassuming as we pulled up we yanked on our bathers and walked through the trees listening to the gentle flow of water in the distance. We crossed a bridge over vast egg smelling ponds where children played in tiny private pools whilst their parents watched on and we followed the track downstream. It opened up to reveal a huge white organic structure! Peoples towels were laid out as if they were sunbathing but everyone had settled to finding a spot somewhere on this strange egg thing! It was a beautiful and free thermal spring where the naturally hot water poured over and down this crazy looking thing. It created mini bathtubs and waterfalls, it was one of the most amazing natural things I’ve ever seen. We tested the water and found our favourite temperate, climbing higher up for warmer pools. It was a sublime way to relax if a little stinky but we loved it especially after a few days in Florence and an upcoming few days in Rome.


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