This place I will admit wasn’t a huge part of the trip or a big adventure but we couldn’t pass through the area without nipping to see the famous leaning tower could we? Free parking on a Sunday was an extra bonus and boy was it hot! Nipping from shade to shade we managed to make it to the little park where we were greeted by hundreds and I mean hundreds of people all admiring the phenomenon. We had such a laugh tucked in between the Americans and Chinese laughing at the crazy poses people were willing to commit to for that instagram shot! We too tried our best and it took us a good while and many, many laughs before we nailed it…or in my case I didn’t and we gave up.



Next on our list was a little town called Livorno. I knew zip about it and it was Josh’s choice so I was more than happy to go along and anyway it was just a stop off for the night. Parking at the port wasn’t the most pleasant and neither was the severe heat but still we walked down towards the front to find…bugger all. The only highlight was the most beautiful watermelon granita I sampled on the beachfront. To this day it has been the best granita I have ever tasted. We had picked a place to park for the night along the cliffs near the outskirts of the city. There were rows and rows of cars all abandoned by their owners and after finally finding a spot we worked out why. From tiny opening dotted along the edge people appeared clutching towels and beachwear. Excitedly we threw on our swimmers and clambered down to find amazing rock pools. Laying down our towels we caught the last of the rays and supped down a cider. The sunset was beautiful and by the time we’d walked back up the street was empty and a perfect camping spot, if a little overrun by mosquitos!


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