Italian road trip


We drove from Bologna over to Milan but with it being Italy there was plenty to see, do and most importantly taste. First on our list was Modena, the birthplace of balsamic vinegar and despite it being 11am of course we wanted to try some. The oldest and most prestigious vineyard and producers Acetaia Villa San Donnino surpassed our expectation with us even sampling some deliciously thick dark basic glaze with ice cream of all things! 

Back on the road and that vinegar wasn’t enough to fill our ever expanding tummies s next pit stop was Parma for some lunch. What is Parma famous for? Were you born under a rock? Stunning cured ham and cheese what more could you want? We headed to a cute little restaurant next to the local market which was packing up for the day and we shaded ourselves under the canopies before ordering a sampling platter. It was incredible and we stuffed ourselves silly on the local cuisine before we got back in our van and headed onto our final destination of the day Milan.

It may have been a simple day but one of our favourites hopping from place to place, the freedom and excitement of new things. 

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