Last month me my mum and my little sister all got tattoos together, yes a sentence I never in a million years thought I would say never mind have actually done!

I booked us in with the lovely Paige at Inked Up, paid the deposit and thought how on earth has this happened? But then after the crazy last few months it makes sense. Maybe it’s my mums mid-life crisis and my quarter-life one or maybe it’s because as a family we’ve all been through such unbearable pain and heartbreak that a little scratch helps to physically feel and heal.

We each got something different but with the same meaning – a memory of my Auntie Lynne and my Mums Sister. Her signature, morse code for L and mine an ‘&’ sign in her handwriting.

Resembling a broken infinity, the ampersand reminds us that nothing truly last forever but there is always an and…. Now I’ll always have a little reminder of you ?

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