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Ever heard of Warrior Training Chester? It’s based on the outskirts of Chester in an industrial estate. The giant black and yellow urban logo represents the gritty determination of this small independent looking to shape and transform people’s outlook on health and fitness. I have been going to this gym for over a year now but this time I am about to undertake a mammoth transformation. An eight-week total body and mind transformation to be exact. After all summer is around the corner and who doesn’t want to be feeling good?

The eight-week program, as they put it, “is more than a generalised diet or quick fix that you may get from other courses; it is a sustainable lifestyle change, giving you the tools to continue your journey after the challenge is complete.” They focus on your mental attitude towards healthy eating and fitness with their three key points: Nutrition, Training and Support.

First up – Nutrition. I’d never heard of Macros but I’m certainly acquainted now. In laments terms, they are your three core food groups of Carbs, Protein and Fat. After my introductory meeting where I submitted the dreaded pre-challenge image, we went over all the myths about eating and to put it bluntly, everything I’ve been told before is a lie. I learnt so much about my eating habits and how I can make small swaps for big impact (such as dark chocolate for milk). Following the intro, we got our new macro breakdown percentages suited to our goals.

A few days in and I am still struggling to get the balance right but it’s all a learning curve and it’s something I can stick to even after the eight weeks is over. Right now I am testing everything from peanut butter and apples to a cheeky slice of chocolate; yes, you are allowed treats!

Training is what I look forward to most. Yes, the dieting helps you shift excess weight but the circuit workouts give you tone and muscle. This challenge doesn’t have to be for weight loss, it can be muscle building too. Warrior tailors everything to what your goals for the 8 weeks are. I won’t be a bodybuilder by the end and nor do I want to be, but by hitting the gym a minimum of three times a week (for only an hour each time, it’s nothing too intense is it?), I will hopefully get some definition as well as increasing my depleting fitness levels.

For me personally, this is the easiest part of the course as I love working out. I feel unstoppable when I do a weight workout and afterwards, the sweaty buzz is amazing (gross but true). Not only this, but I love the guys that work there; you get to know them and find out which trainer offers a circuit suited to you most. I love Fran’s, Alice’s and Casey’s circuits – maybe it’s because I’m a girl and feel more comfortable but they also do fab ab and bum stations.

Support is last on the list but it is the most important because without the support network it’s more than likely you’ll fall off the healthy train. Their words of wisdom and slogans may be a tad cheesy but by god they are so true. Go hard or go homepreparation is key and don’t let a bad day ruin a bad week are the ones that resonate with me most. As well as these fabulous trainers who FYI are not scary gym types. They are all so lovely and friendly. As Liam put it “we’re real people and we want you to feel at ease when you come here” and that rings true. It’s a laid-back attitude mixed with commitment to their roles. Put it this way…we all had a giggle when the presentation didn’t go super smooth, but it made me feel so much more relaxed as I was nervous about joining. The content in the presentation, however, was knowledgeable and in-depth. As well as being part of a team (all of which I hope to get to know soon enough) we’re also part of a Facebook group where we can share food snaps and ask any questions. It’s another great tool these guys use to keep us motivated. There was no worse feeling than seeing a message about how everyone had smashed the last gym session when I knew full well I had spent the day on my sofa. I’m claiming it was my rest day ok?!

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