As the drive to Bilboa was super long we thought we would treat ourselves to a beach day to soak up some sun on a secluded beach, the polar opposite of san Sebastian. Following the shite weather in Barritz too we felt we deserved some sun and relaxation. Joshua had looked up the location from google maps which is our go to when tying to seek out some wild campaign spots. Heading off the main motorways and roads we cut through the forests on the windiest roads we’ve encountered so far. A massive bay of a beach looked wayyyyyy more popular than on google maps but we were there and pulled up on the road side ready for some sunshine…..well It was a bit cloudy but we didn’t care, we needed some outdoor time to relax. The bay had one cafe and one bar, no shops, no toilets just sand and sea. It was a local hangout by the looks of it way of the tourist route. After tanning our white bits – I mean t-shirt tan guys! We headed into the bar and ordered a bottle of our new fave tipple Taxkoli and propped up the bar to watch the football. A few glasses in and as the place emptied we headed back up to the van and moved to a perfect camping spot. High up and overlooking the beach below we admired the cliffs as the sun dipped behind them. Enjoying some home cooked food and the wine we smuggled out of the bar we felt giddy on life. This is why we wanted a camper and why we wanted to explore unknown places. The simple things were all we needed. After a peaceful nights sleep we woke up to glorious sunshine and nipped into the bar – why it was open at 10am seemed bizarre to us but it was surprisingly busy, sampling some delicious pastries we debated staying for longer. With the fridge out of action and no food in we couldn’t have stayed. Still though it was a great taster for what wild camping with some slight luxuries could offer.


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