Heed my advice if you want to keep your sanity in this digital age lockdown…


Yes, read all that waffle online… sit at a desk to do your work, go out for a walk, blah blah blah you know, you’ve read it a million times over. You can’t escape it and, let’s be honest, don’t you feel a bit of pressure? I know I do. 

Just because I am at home doesn’t mean I want to document my entire day on Instagram stories…in all honesty I haven’t worn a bra or changed my joggers in two weeks. I believe that in these times being honest should be at the forefront of everyone’s consciousness. Taking all that is on online with that pinch of salt is necessary, that person who is making their fourth banana bread of the day, fresh loaf, pasta from scratch, tenth workout, new business setup, my list could go on! But you just need to do you!

  • It is ok if you haven’t brushed your teeth yet today – you aren’t speaking to anyone in person anyway
  • It’s ok to not wear a bra – that sh*t is uncomfortable anyway
  • It’s ok to not wear makeup – your skin will thank you for it anyway
  • It’s ok to use the jar of pasta sauce out of the cupboard -we need to use all that up before heading to the shops! 
  • It’s ok to spend 80% of the day in bed – ok not every day
  • It’s ok to binge-watch Netflix – again not every day I may add

Basically what I am saying is it’s ok to nothing if you want to! 

You don’t need to bake every day…workout every day…paint a masterpiece…be fluent in 12 languages…Take away from this the times where you feel crappy because you aren’t doing what everyone is, listen to what your mind is telling you. Selfcare has never been more important and as someone who has struggled in the past and stepping back and acknowledging this feeling is natural but what you choose to do with it is how you overcome it. Don’t let it consume you, recognising the feeling and acknowledging it is the biggest step. Do something which makes you happy and DO NOT feel the need to share it on social media. Whether that is making a cup of tea and having a biscuit or taking a nap or reading…..you do you. 

So instead of giving you tips on how to make the most of your time stuck at home, I want to give you tips for keeping your mental health in check:

  • Watch the news only for a certain amount of time – keeping up with the headlines is important but having it on 24/7 is unnecessary
  • Turn off notifications on Instagram – you are less likely to keep clicking on the app 
  • Move your social media apps – not having them in your usual place will trick your brain. You’ll become more conscious of when you go to click on it and it’s not there. 
  • Make a list of what you want to do each day and be sure it includes lots of things that make you happy 
  • Utilise the do not disturb setting on  your phone – I find it helps me during the evenings and mornings as I am less likely to go on my phone