I have had problems with my tummy since day dot and last year I decided to take a closer look at my health and how I can improve my lifestyle. By no means am I going to turn around and say I am a health and fitness guru because that would be a blatant lie (I am yet to start running in 2018..oops!) but I wanted to evaluate the types of food I was eating and how it effected my health and even mood! Before heading off on my Greek Island hopping adventure I did a drastic diet of cutting out all carbs for a month, with a target I get very motivated and I did stick to it very strictly. Within weeks I saw massive differences in my energy levels and bloating, and this paired with someone I know being diagnosed as celiac I decided that why not just carry on.

It isn’t easy and it isn’t officially diagnosed but who gives a shit, if it makes me feel better then I am going to carry on. I have been gluten free for around 3 months now and you might think I’ve lost a tonne of weight but thats a load of shite as there are loads of gluten free options out there! I might not be eating biscuits with my cuppa but I feel no guilt demolishing a whole bar of chocolate.

Sharing is caring and it isn’t something I feel ashamed of it’s more common than you think. If you feel like this is something you relate to then have a read here and speak with your docs.

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