When I was at uni it became apparent that I couldn’t see far away…I am by no means extremely short sighted, but it was enough to warrant a pair of specs. If you are like I was, young and naive, you go to the local spectacle shop (thee shall remain nameless) and spend a small fortune of a pair of particularly average looking glasses. NO MORE I SAY!

Yes, I spend copious amounts of time trawling instagram but it has come in handy and I’ll tell you why…

Because I got these sexy specs for just £50 from Polette Eyewear! Can you believe it?! I had to dedicate a whole post to this because I am not being funny, but these things are attached to your face and so it is beyond vital that you use them to express your personality. F*ck it, wear something fun and stylish not the drip drab shite of the high-street. These bad boys have come from France and honestly if you don’t get your next pair of glasses from them, well then you are just silly aren’t you.


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