Yeah so we’d had enough of Bilbao and went back on the road in search of a new adventure, something not in a city where parking was a bit crappy or we needed to rely on restaurants and shops for entertainment. I had been reading up online and my Game of Thrones inner geek perked up. Nearby was dragon stone, you know the actual place where real dragons were, no I am joking but we definitely wanted to see it. Its a bit of a mouthful but the place is called Ermita de San Juan Gaztelugatxe, don’t expect me to type that out again FYI. Not a long drive from Bilbao thankfully. We pulled on our running trainers ready for action and stumbled down the car park towards the pathway. It did seem a bit odd, a little hut like an entrance and we did think sh*t do we need to pay? Thankfully not- we are cheapskates come on. It was just to give some spiel about don’t leave cigarette butts or take flowers or walk off the path because it was a conservation area now. The walk, Jesus Christ it was a long walk. Through shaded trees we took a steep slope down before walking along the edge of the cliffside and down towards the sea. Before us Dragonstone came into view. Its not quite like the series but just as impressive, a little rock linked by a medieval wall with a small church atop the rock. Not the huge superimposed castle but still worth the walk. We climbed and climbed up the masses of steps in the glaring sun as waves crashed against the stone below. When we reached the top we took a seat up on one of the big boulders and ate homemade sandwiches. Around us we could see for miles and it was hard to tell where the sky ended and sea began, the blue hues blended seamlessly with the haze of heat. We thought the walk to dragon stone was bad….then we headed back. I don’t think I have sweated so much in all my life. With many stops and rests we finally made it back up to the van. We, sorry I was exhausted. It is at times like that we put our relationship under a strain. Two tired people in a confined space in the heat does not make for pleasantries. We drove to find a parking spot for the night. In a random town along the coast where the average age was about 90 we pulled up along the sand. Still grumpy but we admitted it was a lovely spot. After stretching our thoroughly aching legs we cooked looking out on the bay and caught and early night. After a morning shower on the beach we packed up and back on the road we went.

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