I absolutely adore photography and it means to much is so many different ways, whether its capturing a historical moment in my work life or freezing a precious family memory to look back on and treasure forever. In this day and age its so easy to whip out a phone and take a snap but I feel like that is so throw away and there is something almost romantic about film photography. I started off with my instax mini 90 which was given to me as a christmas present I love the unknowing and the confidence you need to take the image and not know how it will turn our, yeah a fair few times the images are shite but who cares that makes them all the funnier when you look back!

Following on from this camera I found my mum and dads super retro (its 80s so I guess I can call retro right?) film camera and had an idea. I have mentioned it all before about how hard it was with the passing of my Auntie but one thing that really struck a cord with me is this photo album she kept which had pictures and ticket stubs and placard settings and it was so special I can’t even explain how may memories to brought back. It was a beautiful shrine that we could all look through and think of special times and know these meant so much to her, I even felt guilty that I don’t have anything like this when it was clear these times meant so much to her. I definitely will change that and from now on I am determined to not only be less throw away but I want to start a new project with film photography.

My boyfriend Joshua has started to get into photography (mega bonus for me and blogging!) and we love to travel and we have been to come stunning places, so for christmas after finding mum and dads camera I thought I would gift it to him along with loads of packets of film so we can build our own album of pictures. The deal I made with him was that we will only get the film developed once we’ve used up all the rolls so when we get the pictures back it will be reliving the memories and have a full album.

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