When I was young, I had a best friend and we agreed we would live together, our house would be super cute, and we would share a Volkswagen Beetle just like Barbie had. I could  imagine every inch of  that house, brick by brick. As we grew older that daydream faded, and life took us separate journey. We settled, we grew apart and our life paths no longer crossed like they used to. This isn’t a sad story but more an acknowledgement that what you desire when you’re young and naïve and how it doesn’t always pan out that way.

The understanding of how far your pennies can go is one thing. The understanding how you choose to lead your life is another. The balance of saving and living is a tough one especially in the whirlwind of your twenties. So much happens in such a short space of time and unless you have that money tree something has got to give, but you slog at it, you work 3 jobs if you have to and eventually you grow a little mound of greenery. Well, in fact it’s just a number that sits on your online banking you never physically see it or even feel it you just sort of stare at it and then poof it disappears.

Everyone has a different daydream of their future home. The mature gardens with roses and ivy crawling around the front door. Period features as you step into the hall. Modern kitchen with oodles of space to present your countertop mixer. Big bay windows that are south facing, indulging the room with beautiful light and many bedrooms suitable to be filled with a growing family. Sadly, as time goes by and you research more into the market, the location, mortgages and your income you realise this needs to be a foot in the door not a stride.

This doesn’t mean a bad thing. Yes, it is disheartening at first but be assured literally everyone has these feelings. That is unless you’re a squillionare but they won’t be reading this will they?! Life is a bit of a bitch sometimes and you realigned your viewpoint to make the most of the situation. What will be will be and I am a great believer in that. Don’t be dismayed by the current offerings, don’t rush into something you aren’t 100% certain of and most importantly ensure that you walk into it and have the feeling. The indescribable euphoria when you see past outdated furniture, hideous wallpaper and bulging laminate at the vision of you. Your future self, pottering down the stairs in the morning sunlight to pour a hot coffee and sit peering through the rising steam at your home. Yes, your home,your future and maybe even the pitter patter of paws or tiny feet to greet you. That’s the goal, that’s not to say upon immediate entry to the property you see this but inevitably you need to fall in love.

So basically, my endnote is to not be disheartened by the constraints of reality but use the small window to peep into bigger things. A future, a life and a probably shit tonne of dead but that’s adulting for you.