So I will start by saying that Cordoba parking – maybe not in general but where we stayed leaved a lot to be desired. It was fine for us being self sufficient and after all it was free so ignore my rambling it would probably be a great place to park if you fancy venturing over to Cordoba in a campervan or car. Our little spec was a carpark which was situated in between two roads and seemed to be a popular spot for big lorries so we had some lovely shelter and felt quite nice and hidden which made us feel better. It was night when we arrived but it was busy enough for us to feel safe and to get our heads down for a few hours before exploring this historic city which I was keen to explore. In the morning we cycled over the river via the roman bridge which was a great way to introduce the city to us. Locking up outside the famous mosque we couldn’t wait to see what it was all about. The orange trees in the square offered shade and we walked around the Mosque’s courtyard taking in the architecture. Tiny shops lined the edges and one minute we’d be sandwiched in with tourists and a swift turn took us to a deserted street which was so magical. Ornate doors made it feel like palaces hid behind each facade and sneaky peeks into enclosed courtyard offered a green oasis in an overwhelmingly dusty white city. We saw the walls which encased the city and the remains of a roman temple before succumbing to the calling of an ice cold drink in a floral filled courtyard where the owner sang and played a guitar. You could wander the streets of Cordoba for hours and after raking up many more miles our weary feet thanked us for a rest when we nipped back to the van for a freshen up. That evening we headed to Taberna La Cuarta and sampled the most divine food before going back so I could see the Roman bridge lit up at night. It was so crowded and I was intrigued at what everyone was looking at. As we drew closer a large red moon came into view, it was beautiful. It was the blood moon and it was magical to  be able to say we witnessed this once in a lifetime spectacle in such a stunning setting.



We had an early start because…. top tip coming… The famous Cathedral/Mosque of Cordoba is FREE the hour before mass starts. So we waited outside for the gates to open at 8am and it was worth dragging ourselves from our bed. There was hardly anyone inside and it was honestly the best way to explore the spectacular unique place. For us it was amazing, I wouldn’t have spent much longer than the hour in there anyway and it saved us a few quid instead of paying so I would 100% recommend it to anyone visiting. We headed over to the food market Mercado Los Patios De Lamarquesa and sipped a coffee leisurely before we were ready to get on the road as even though our trip was short it was sweet and the place really is beautiful.


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