Into the wild

when your wild camping isn’t so wild “Wild camping is camping outside of campsites..” wikipedia What springs to mind? Abundant fields of flowers, mountains on the horizon and the noise a nearby stream your morning alarm? Well you’d be totally right. There were days on our 6 months trip where […]

Those finishing touches

So chances are you are nearly done with your van conversion and firstly I want to say…congrats! It’s a bloody hard slog to get to this point. You are trawling through Pinterest eagerly sourcing inspiration because, let’s face, it now the basics are in the bare ply isn’t quite cutting […]

Travel necessities

Travelling – the term I would say is vastly different to a holiday. Long periods away from your home comforts means your packing needs to be on point or you’ll be trawling the shelves of a local supermarket in search of items you can only get on UK soil, which […]


Appreciating each morning being woken by the sun glinting through the window and the comfort of knowing you have another day in paradise ahead.

What is love?

Love is being on a long journey together and being utterly content with just the background noise of the hills rolling by.


So here it is. The grand tour of our tiny little home from home. It was a long and hard labour of love not without its problems and help but here it is and still standing well over a month on. There are so many people who have helped with […]


So it has been a whole week since we packed up our lives into our little van and set off on a huge adventure. Its already had ups and downs and so I thought I would write a piece about how we have coped, what we think are useful tips […]


I have been pretty quiet on the old blogging front, pretty much all of my free time has been spent painting, varnishing, drilling and holding screws. I, by no means, built this beast but I would like to say I had a hand in making it a home and effectively […]


Last year I realised life is too short. It is so cruel and full of pain but in those moment you realise that you need/must to live each day to it’s absolute fullest. I got sucked into dark hole at the beginning of this year and it took me a […]