como & clooney

Lake Como famous for stunning lakeside villas, yachts and sunshine. Also, George Clooney apparently, not that we saw him. We arrived late in the evening hoping to scope out a sneaky free spot, alas every road was walled either side so no joy from our google map pins. We came […]

ciao milano

Ah Milan, a place famous for it’s fashion week. I suppose there is much more but for me that is what springs to mind. After previous experiences in the capital (yeah I know I go on about it) we didn’t want to wild camp so instead booked ourselves into a […]

italian road trip

We drove from Bologna over to Milan but with it being Italy there was plenty to see, do and most importantly taste. First on our list was Modena, the birthplace of balsamic vinegar and despite it being 11am of course we wanted to try some. The oldest and most prestigious […]

mmmmm bologna

Oh Bologna you truly are one of my favourite Italian destinations. We spent only a couple of days here and we were smitten with it. They say it is the heart if Italian cuisine and boy did we sample some delicious food. I would be the see of a house […]

heading north

So we sunned ourselves well and truly for a few days and headed north towards our final destination of Milan. The east side of Italy was never really hot on my radar bu it did offer some beautiful scenery and routes which I would highly recommend to anyone road tripping […]

positano picture perfect

Positano. If you plan on going in any sort of self drive vehicle…don’t bother. It is an absolute bloody nightmare to park. This stunning location on the Amalfi coast hangs on a cliffside and it is beautiful. I already want to go back however this leaves little space between hotels, […]

for the love of lemons

The La Masseria Farm was a personal highlight of this trip. Being under canopies of lemon trees is one of the goals I told my grandad I wanted to achieve the day before he passed. We found this gem online and emailed to book on. We arrived in the afternoon […]

family fun

We arrived early to the hotel excited to check in and eagerly await the arrival of our parents who had let us know they were boarding their flight. We indulged in luxury of multiple hot showers and spreading across a whole room! We dolled ourselves up and put a bottle […]

it’s not junkmail

The single thing I miss most over absolutely anything on this earth whilst living on the road is my family. Yes they may be a text or phone call away but not being able to hug them is so hard! When you text or whatsapp people so often a digital […]


Our campsite for Rome was on the very outskirts of the city. It was a long tram journey in the midday heat but worth it to know the van was safe. The perfect way to start our time in Rome was a free walking tour. I wanted to remind myself […]