body modification – just another daily routine

Back in the day, the routine of a girls night went something like this….. Order copious amounts of clothes online, return pretty much all of it and lend something of my friends. Sip cheap bubbles and layer my face in as much makeup as it could handle and hairspray my […]

LB appreciation

Artwork by Dr. Lakra. Design by Sara De Bondt and Mark El-khatib.

Can we just take a minute to appreciate this beautiful language showcasing the theme for the 2020 Liverpool Biennial. This is in no way a promo I just adored the way this poetic piece has been strung together and had to share. I am really looking forward to taking some […]

into the wild

when your wild camping isn’t so wild “Wild camping is camping outside of campsites..” wikipedia What springs to mind? Abundant fields of flowers, mountains on the horizon and the noise a nearby stream your morning alarm? Well you’d be totally right. There were days on our 6 months trip where […]

when life gives you lemons

That age old saying….you think I would say make lemonade but after visiting the sun-drenched hills of Sorrento you’d be sadly sadly mistaken. When life gives you lemons, make f*cking epic limoncello. The below recipe was spoken to me when I visited a beautiful farm named La Masseria (a beautiful […]

the heart goes last – june read-up

Margret Atwood holds a special place in my heart. I fell in love with her once more with the resurrection of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ thanks to Hulu’s stunning depiction of the dystopian future Atwood so vividly depicts. It’s quite messed up to say I enjoyed both the novel and the […]

travel necessities

Travelling – the term I would say is vastly different to a holiday. Long periods away from your home comforts means your packing needs to be on point or you’ll be trawling the shelves of a local supermarket in search of items you can only get on UK soil, which […]


Every challenge is an adventure and every adventure makes you wiser for the next challenge.


Appreciating each morning being woken by the sun glinting through the window and the comfort of knowing you have another day in paradise ahead.

what is love?

Love is being on a long journey together and being utterly content with just the background noise of the hills rolling by.