commuter comforts

As life resumes I have found comfort and solace in my alone time of morning and evening commutes. It’s one extreme to another, the ebbing silence of an empty house, peppered only by murmuring background TV and a cat purring, to a bustling office in Manchester. It’s a sensory overload […]

online overkill – the death of my digital life

As the lockdown seems to sort of stretch further ahead and when those like me who feel uncomfortable shoulder to shoulder in a beer garden closes the door and continues her online interactions I question the importance of digital liability and ultimately how invested we are in plans when they […]

a little inspiration

I read an article by Eli Grober recently that really summed up life in lockdown for me personally. Specifically, the hilarity of time which no longer exists and equally that which stretches far beyond its known constraints: A Minute A minute used to be sixty seconds long. We thought this […]

lockdown lowdown: daisy jones & the six review

Our latest book club read sucked me to an era I never will experience and yet so vividly outlined it, I felt I had lived through it. Written by Taylor Jenkins, I honestly enjoyed this book end to end and it will more than likely remain on my top favourites. […]


When I was young, I had a best friend and we agreed we would live together, our house would be super cute, and we would share a Volkswagen Beetle just like Barbie had. I could  imagine every inch of  that house, brick by brick. As we grew older that daydream […]

loving life in a long term relationship

Everyone is unique, different and quirky in their own way. It is a bizarre biological need to choose a person through no real reasoning and say “yep, you’re my chosen one, I choose you to spend my life with.” For me though it never quite came to light like that. […]

perspective is key

In times like these, we put immense pressure on ourselves to maximise this time when in fact self-love is all we need. The stress of not elevating yourself can be consuming and so here is my lighthearted approach to how we view ourselves: It’s ok to get all glammed up […]

things I am thankful for in this moment:

The beautiful sunshine that greeted me when I woke up Coffee for giving me energy My health that is still strong My family’s health and safety, it is hard not seeing them but it is worth it The food in my cupboards and that which is still available on our […]

send help

I have spent the last few years segmenting work from life that it is a chore and making the most of my life. Now a crazy opportunity has occurred and I can make the most of it yet I can’t see any answers. This is the ultimate freedom even if […]