Sourcing inspiration

You know it yourself when you have a vision of how your home will look down to the details. Sourcing those finishing touches more often than not bring the most joy. Digging out the little trinkets and objects that reflect who you are and radiating that out to those who […]

I’m a drama queen

I am a perfectionist, I will admit that.  Our floors had been sanded and the stain had arrived but I wanted to make sure it was absolute perfection before we put a drop down. That work could be for nothing if the right prep wasn’t don, believe me. I brushed […]

Stain. Stain. Stain

So our floors were looking as good as we had hoped for. A little rough sound the edges but as we’d done it ourselves it was fully expected. The tar situation if you remember from my last post (here) meant that our edges had dark patches, thankfully it was always […]

Sanding situation

Upon family recommendation, we went with Brandon Tool hire and honestly they could not be anymore helpful if they tried! We went with a week hire but focussing mainly on the weekend to get the bulk of the job done. We snapped up a floor sander and edge sander at […]

First stop: The floorboards

When we chose this house we loved its history. It was built around 1917, so at over 100 years old we were drawn to the unknown secrets which could lie in the walls, attic and under the floor. And the floor is exactly where we started…. I prayed since the […]


When I was young, I had a best friend and we agreed we would live together, our house would be super cute, and we would share a Volkswagen Beetle just like Barbie had. I could  imagine every inch of  that house, brick by brick. As we grew older that daydream […]

Bloomin’ beautiful bathroom bits & bobs

So you liked my tile paint post – oh if you haven’t read it here you go (The rivetting journey of painting tiles) and here we are in a totally white room. I guess I wanted clean but it looks a little like but it looks a little like something […]

The riveting journey of painting tiles

The first pitstop for our house decoration tour is the upstairs bathroom. Well bathroom minus a toilet as you can see. Ours is across the hall – old style I know. Anyway, it’s a tough thing when you view a house and fall in love with the space but not […]