Body modification – just another daily routine

Back in the day, the routine of a girls night went something like this….. Order copious amounts of clothes online, return pretty much all of it and lend something of my friends. Sip cheap bubbles and layer my face in as much makeup as it could handle and hairspray my […]


the psychological battle with uniforms in my life Back at school it was the bane of my existence. The uncomfortable restrictive shirt and blazer combo, the choking tie and hideous skirt, yet now I am a fully fledge adult I find myself pining after just that….a uniform. I hated being […]

Travel necessities

Travelling – the term I would say is vastly different to a holiday. Long periods away from your home comforts means your packing needs to be on point or you’ll be trawling the shelves of a local supermarket in search of items you can only get on UK soil, which […]

Insta worthy wardrobe

I genuinely feel sorry for the generation that now grows up immediately immersed in social media. I am so thankful I missed that boat. I might be a good few years older, but I am glad most of my teenage years were not plastered all over Instagram and Facebook. I […]

Spring style update

As you can see from scrolling endlessly through Instagram that hair accessories are going to be big. I am not normally one for anything fancy but the styles filtering through from the catwalks and into street style are definitely floating my boat. I am hopping on the gold and pearl […]


These boots were made for walkin’. It’s cliqued, but so true after I found these beauties in my local Primark and for £3 I basically ran out of the shop with them! Just £3 – I mean I couldn’t say no could I?! I can’t wait to style these beauts […]


Summer is just around the corner and I am so raring to go! I look for key trend items that quickly (and hopefully cheaply) update my look. This time around I have my heart set on a pair of faux tortoise shell hoops. The bigger and bolder the better, I […]


No, I am not about to chat about not being a bride because quite frankly I am so not ready for that (sorry Joshua, I love you) this post is about that moment of dread you get after opening the invitation. The elation of being invited is quickly crushed by […]


When I was at uni it became apparent that I couldn’t see far away…I am by no means extremely short sighted, but it was enough to warrant a pair of specs. If you are like I was, young and naive, you go to the local spectacle shop (thee shall remain […]


So, yes I admit it I am very frugal with my pennies and I am not someone who flashes the cash on expensive designer gear but I do have admit I fell in love with a pair of boots. No, not just any boots – hiking boots. Who even am […]