When reseraching Bordeaux online I cam across this little gem of a place. We had both been reading up about the reigon in general and came across an article about oysters. 60% of the France’s oysters come from the shores just an hours drive from Bordeaux I mean who knew…not me clearly. So on our drive down towards Spain we thought we would take a quick pitstop here and sample the freshest oysters. Whilst I drove Joshua looked up where to eat, the place itself and coming towards it looks a little odd. In my head I imagined large and vast beaches with only the smallest of shacks selling their fresh produce to locals. This place had campsites n every corner and surf shops and Porches roaring down the roads. Still being optimistic we pulled up along the front and walked along the waters edge. Joshua had found a place just a short while down the road and as we past beach shacks and stacks of oyster cages I thought we were getting closer to the place I had daydreamed up earlier, it all seemed so pure. Turning a corner we seen a small wooden arrow sign.. surely not there, there isn’t anything around just stacks of cages? But to the left we were surprised to see billowing white canvases and beautiful laid linen on rustic wooden tables. The place was full of locals sipping pale rose wine from ice buckets with huge metal trays filed to the bring with crushed ice and delicately placed on top like a trophy where stunningly fresh oysters and grilled prawns. They looked spectacular. We sat down on the edge by the sand and ordered our food. They were so amazing I cant even begin to describe it. I loved every minute being surrounded by people but with no-one speaking our language, we felt like it was just us too. The sun was beating down on our shoulders as we sipped cold wine and indulged in more prawns.The whole thing in the UK would have cost an absolute fortune but here without the middle man, just the local fisherman dragging in the cages as we witness straight to the kitchen door it cost far far less. After devouring our body weight in seafood we hopped back into our little van for More adventures. I couldn’t be happier.

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