Body modification – just another daily routine


Back in the day, the routine of a girls night went something like this…..

Order copious amounts of clothes online, return pretty much all of it and lend something of my friends. Sip cheap bubbles and layer my face in as much makeup as it could handle and hairspray my head to within an inch of its life….Sound familiar?

These days the story is very different. When did body modification become such a norm? Instead of picking up a new lippy these girls are quite literally picking up new lips.

I myself have lip fillers done around once a year for the reason I myself don’t quite understand. Do I do it because everyone else does? Do I need them? Is it because it is easy and relatively pain-free whatever the reason I get a boost and it gives me confidence however my viewpoint is not to penalise anyone who chooses to undertake the procedure. After-all I do fall into this category. But when did it became so overwhelmingly popular to the point where girls have now added this to their getting ready routine. Feel free to point the blame towards pressures of social media, celebrities normalising cosmetic surgery and the mass demand seeing more and more offerings and competitive prices but ultimately this is a single person choice. It unnerves me to think of young girls being so easily swayed by societal norms and I dread to think of what the next big trend is….

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