Bloomin’ beautiful bathroom bits & bobs


So you liked my tile paint post – oh if you haven’t read it here you go (The rivetting journey of painting tiles) and here we are in a totally white room. I guess I wanted clean but it looks a little like but it looks a little like something from a mental asylum in my opinion. I needed to soften it, break up the vast expanses of pure white which, quite frankly, burns your eyes if the sun is bright. 

My first thought was how beautiful the light was and how we should utilise it. What loves the bright light more than me? Plants of course! And bringing oxygen and greenery into this abode would bring me even more joy than being a homeowner. I Had a list in tow of what I was after and snapped up a couple of leafies and was gifted the rest by friends and family (they know me so well). 

The colour scheme apart from green was inspired by Scandinavian styling so I kept it minimal using matt black and natural textures like evergreen leaves and treated woods (let’s just ignore the hideous laminate, we can’t have everything). Here is my inspiration:

Starting off with the most incredible and best value mirror I have ever found this round beauty above the sink from Sosterne Grene. It was under £30 if my memory serves me well. We decided to add in a shelve below as there were minimal areas on the sink to place items. In order to create a perfect balance, we made our own. It is literally just your basic pine cut to size and varnished with Ronseal Dark Oak. To finish it off we chose simplistic brackets which I spray painted black and ensured the screws blended in nicely. 

You know how I like the aesthetics so everything on this shelf had to be purposeful, maybe my OCD is out of control but anyway. Our soap dispenser was a cheeky eBay find and means that I can sustainably source liquid soap without using copious amounts of plastic thanks to our local eco shop Just Footprints

Next is my wonder buy! I mean if you take anything from this post let it be how you can snap up designer style at a fraction of the cost. I lose count of the number of times the Liberty London vase advert pops up on my Instagram, showcasing animal head shape vases of all varieties and I adore them don’t get me wrong but I couldn’t warrant spending that much on my interim bathroom. When I was visiting my local Poundland my little heart skipped a beat as I saw this panther beauty…Who would have thought it! We use it to hold our toothbrushes and paste. 

My beauty routine needs to be easily accessible and the ever aesthetically pleasing ordinary brand sure came into its own taking pride if place on my lovely shelf as well as having a jade beauty roller which compliments my plants beautifully as well as keeping me looking uber youthful (don’t snort these babies are insane). 

I don’t think any part of my home would be complete without memories of my adventures and even the bathroom cannot escape this one. I use a tiny clay bowl picked up from Singapore’s Little India to store my jewellery trinkets and it is one of  my personal favourite touches. Finally, would it be complete without yet another plant? No no, it wouldn’t.

To follow our lovely new sink shelf I decided on a little bench thingy (I mean do these things even have names?) to hover over out sink for when I eventually get round to having that sumptuous bubble bath and of course it provides the perfect opportunity for.. You guessed it, more plants! 

Finally, I feel a bit more at ease with how my bathroom looks and feels. It isn’t finished next up for this room I am after some new door hooks so any suggestions on matt black Scandinavian styles please throw them my way and also we are planning on building a sort of wooden shelving unit. That, however, keeps falling lower and lower on our list of priorities. But for now I am off to get naked.