I could have cried when we rocked up in Benidorm. I felt horrendously ill and I had been looking forward to going there for ages and here I was sick as anything and unable to enjoy all the things this place was famous for. I wanted a wild night filled with stupidly cheap drinks and the next day devouring a £1 English breakfast in a greasy cafe. Instead I was barely walking with no energy. Still though I dragged my sorry ass through the busy streets which were shining super bright with neon signs flashing with drinks offers. It was late anyway so I wasn’t missing too much feeling this rotten and still managed to head down to Neptunes bar made famous from the TV programme ‘Benidorm’ and even took a poke around outside the Solana. We walked along the beach front and when I couldn’t handle anymore we turned in for a very early and disappointing night.

I wanted to make more of my time here despite feeling pants still so managed to persuade Joshua that we could stay for another day rather than heading on. We took a walk down to the beach front coming across the pop up market on the way which was fun to see all the rip off designers on offer and comical souvenirs. We ventured down to the front and lay on the sand to give me time to recoup before we made a pitstop for lunch. I would love to say I thoroughly enjoyed my lunch but I couldn’t even eat it all, thankfully my man hoover did his job and devoured not only his pizza but my meal too! I was slowly getting better and I so desperately wanted to make the most of everything that we decided to head over to the old town that evening. It was a short and easy cycle along the beach front winding in-between couples, families and tandem mobility scooters (its a thing please look it up if you want an extreme lol). It brought back memories of when I came when I was younger and stepping up onto the square it was hard to believe we were even in Benidorm anymore! It is an area I would highly recommend visiting when you go. After stopping off for a drink we cycled back for another early night.


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