It’s never somewhere I’d put on my list of top destinations but Brussels was a perfect couple of days. We pulled up by the amazing architecture of The Atomium, which we chose as our base and took the metro with ease into the city centre. It was quite a contrast to the smaller places we’ve visited so far and using the metro seemed much more appealing in this very busy city seeing as I am not the most confident cyclist.

Firstly we went to the central square, a good starting point to get our bearings and people watch. After a quick snack we looked up the famous comic strip route and investigated the huge murals that were hidden across the city. Our tour took us far and wide and with our feet aching massively we took some time out on the steps of the cathedral before heading inside.

We decided on escaping the busier areas in favour of some greenery so sipped a delicious homemade lemonade in the park thanks to the ‘woodpecker’ bar.

Fully hydrated, we sniffed out some Belgian beer in the best bar in town, Delirium. No sooner had I popped it on my Instagram story then the influx of messages in agreement came… “have you tried the cherry beer, my favourite place in Brussels” this place didn’t disappoint. We even went mega touristy and used the photo booth much to Joshua’s dismay!

Upon a friend’s recommendation we headed to an all you can eat ribs place- is there ever a more appealing phrase than ‘all you can eat’? You can’t miss this place there is a huge cow sat outside and there was even a queue! We were starving so headed there as it opened and we were extremely lucky within 10 minutes the place was wall to wall full. Belgium is apparently famous for its ribs so we 100% made the most of the offering and completely stuffed our faces. Note to anyone on a first date in Brussels – do not go there.In a food coma we thought we’d go back to the main square and watch the sun set and the buildings light up but, instead we agreed we were exhausted and headed back to the giant particle we called home for the night.


We took a relaxed approach to our second day in Brussels choosing to explore the European District admiring some rather apt street art before going back to delirium for more beer! We were soon back on the road by midday and on our short drive to Antwerp. 

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