We rocked up at our chateau to find it was HUGE, the place was clearly made for tourists but thankfully as part of France passion we got it for free! We pulled up in the field out the back which has plenty of shade and was perfect for us. We enjoyed the last of the sunshine and had a little walk around the estate. They had horses and we visited the stables giving the horses a little hello and walked through the woods back to the van. It was a relaxed evening where we cooked and enjoyed the outdoor space before relaxing into bed.



The next day we hopped on our bikes for the longest bike ride we have ever done so far. I think it took us a good 45 minutes to get into town but we don’t mind.. Parking up by the Opera House we walked through the streets and ended up on the river front. The architecture of the Place de la Bourse was spectacular, so detailed and intricate. In the sunshine it all looked so perfect. Opposite was the Mirror d’eau where we like everyone else both tourists and locals alike took of our shoes and dipped our toes in the mirror water. Within minutes the water disappeared behind the tiny copper discs and plumes of ice cold mist flooded the floor. Like something out of stars in your eyes the mist rose around the people engulfing us all in the cool droplets. It was the best way to cool off after the long bike ride.


The streets around felt a lot like Barcelona despite us being in France. The tall townhouses cast shade on the tiny cobbled streets, some bustling with people others so quite with just us on them. I will never grow tired of those beautiful ornate cast iron balconies overlooking bustling streets. I love the idea of being on one and no-one noticing you up there. We walked down to the beautiful bridge Post de pierre. It was baking in the heat so we didn’t last long on there before taking cover in the shady streets once more. The area we went into was wall to wall with boutique cafes and shops, hardly any open. I have zero idea how their trade times work I mean seriously it was like 2pm on a Tuesday. Maybe Tuesday is like a Sunday in Bordeaux because my search for food was coming up with crumbs – pun intended. We walked aimlessly and very hungry around until we walked by this placed, my mouth salivated over a girls huge burger and chips. Yes that is a bit of us so we headed inside. Imagine Burger Shed in Chester – it was basically like that. It was so cheap as well and the portions massive. Full to busting we were very pleased with ourselves jut coming across this little gem.


It would be a sin to go to Bordeaux and not taste the wine. The surrounding vineyards were so beautiful I had high hopes for the delicious alcohol they make. Of course I had done my research about where to sample the wines, we didn’t fancy a tour. Our taste for learning about making wine and champagne had grown weak, we wanted to learn more about the blending of tones and flavours what ‘on the nose’ meant and how to pair wine. We didn’t actually get many of those things where we went but hey we did get some lovely wines and for only €2 a glass! I had found the place online from another blogger who mentioned the cheapness but also the wide selection on offer. We walked into Le Bar a Vin a little dubious for the price it looks far too  fancy the high ceilings gave an airy feel and whilst humongous stained glass windows lit the room with jewel tones. We were greeted by a friendly waiter who sat us down and offered us the menu…this was the place! We discussed with him our inexperience and so he chose wines for us based on their flavours and his knowledge rather than us going in blind. We sampled a freshingly citrus champagne and an ice cold pale rose which was devine after long walks in the baking heat, followed by rich fruity reds and more oaky ones. We were thoroughly p*ssed by the end, the glasses weren’t small and the sevice was amazing. The huge bill totted up to round €15 – what a cheap date! Taking advantage of Joshuas numbed state I quickly dragged him around  few of the shops on offer in the high street before we headed back on our bikes to relax and refresh for the morning.


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